Growing tips to get it back to my old length

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my hair was long when i was a kid like 6 or 8 but my mom cut layers for my hair around 10 and i cant seem to grow it past my neck any tips to help


Me in the red i want my hair to look like that again.
then me now...:blob4:


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    It isn't going to happen overnight. It's a lengthy process. There's also no guarantee that it will grow that long. If it hasn't grown past your neck for a few years then that could be your terminal length. However, it could just be that your hair isn't getting what it needs.

    What's most important is that your hair is healthy. This includes having a healthy diet. read this article for a better idea unTamedTresses - Eat Your Way To Better Hair!

    You also need to treat your hair directly to make it healthier. Have you worked out what properties your hair has? Then you can figure out exactly what your hair needs most.

    Make sure to stay away from anything that is especially damaging for your hair such as heat styling and chemical treatments.
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    ahh thanks I'll look in to it my hairstylist says my hair is growing slow cuz of how curly it is but I'll look in to it
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    Deep condition every time u wash. Wear protective styles. Use less heat. Moisturize n seal it in with oil or cream. Cover hair at nite DONT USE COTTON. Be patient. Dont play in hair alot. Detangle gently before washin.
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    Try Chicoro's "lead hair" method
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    If that was her terminal length....then wouldn't it be true that her hair would've never gotten that long in the first place?

    OP...what is your regimen?

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    Sounds like you'd never want to do it, but I haven't gotten results from anything like I got results from Miconazole Nitrate (cream used for vaginal infections)
    When I was using it everyday, I got 3/4 inch PER WEEK! Just rub it into your scalp, apparently it kills growth-inhibiting bacteria on your scalp? Idk, but it seriously does work. Do some research, you'll see TONS of success from it, and tutorials also.
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    Do you have a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit, fresh veg and lean protein? Do you take regular exercise? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you deficient or sufficient in any vitamin or mineral?

    These factors will effect your health and ultimately your rate of hair growth.

    Next you need to minimise breakage by keep your hair away from your shoulders and protecting it at night.
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    oeigbo wrote: »
    Try Chicoro's "lead hair" method

    Link? Never hear of this.
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    Sounds like getting past that awkward length stage!
    For me to get it past that stage, I did a lot of protective styling so the ends didnt break off as much.

    Well that was for my straight length like when i flat iron but now i'll work on curly length. I'll use the same technique.

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