If you sometimes straighten do people treat you differenly

I hadn't straighten my hair in a couple of years. I had been doing a modified cg and wearing my hair long and curly. I've been in a hair rut and wanted to change it up a little so when I got my hair cut I asked for a blow out. It looks great but I've been interested in how people react.

I think for some it looks so different (and since it's profesionally done it looks good) that they are excited and say how nice it is. It's also shocking how long it really is, I got a trim but it looks longer.

I've been wondering if strangers treat you differently. Do people think that curls look "messy?" This is also something I wonder about with job interviews and stuff. I really pride myself in my hair, I like looking interesting and unique, I find that a lot of the women in DC have the same boring flat ironed hair.

What do you guys think?
My hair is a mix of 2b/3a and even a bit of 3b thrown in! I would call my hair wavycelli. It curls most when I leave it alone after wet scrunching. My hair has a spring factor of about 2 or 3 inches and has a very silky, medium texture.


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    Sure they do.

    This is just my interpretation but , like you, I agree that when hair is straight is 'percieved' professional but also most people I see have straight hair so it is also more like the masses.

    If you can have curls and make them look great, shiny, less frizzy and so on, that is a SKILL. So when I see good curls I think this person didn't easily straighten, they are working what they've got.
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    I can straighten mine so easily one day and have curls the next people often think I have a perm;)! I work in the DA's office and wear mine curly 98% of the time. I figure anyone can have straight hair but not everyone can have curls:)! Not many people say I love your straight hair;)! I get many more positive reactions from my curls:)!
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    yea they do!!

    ppl always say "u look so nice with ur hair straight" then they realize that i really have curly hair n that i leave it open all the time too and then they say "and with curly hair too" but yea ppl do treat me diff like im prettier or sumthin..kinda makes me feel bad but that doesnt make me straighten my hair more, i love my curls.
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    it's funny, i got all sorts of interesting reactions from people the last time i got a blow out after a trim ...

    the other day, i decided to just go ahead and blow mine straight since the dry winter air and other factors had my hair looking funky and limp ...

    my preschoolers (the ones i teach) were so funny - they were asking me all sorts of questions, and making great comments:

    'did you get a haircut?'
    'miss mayim, why is your hair not curly?'
    'how did you do that?'
    'you don't look like you!'


    lately they've been into voting on things, so they took an informal poll amongst themselves ... the results?

    nearly 50% of montessori preschoolers today prefer miss mayim with straight hair!

    (they were all happy to see me back to normal again today, though!)


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    Mayim, your students are sooooo cute!! I love little kids.

    I rarely straighten, but when I do I get surprised and positive reactions. They usually like it better; I guess it thins out my face or something.
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    I straightened my hair one day a few months ago, just with a big paddle brush and hair dryer in hand, and while it didn't actually make it smooth and straight it was the closest I could get without doing damage with an iron. Anyway, I go into work and an irish guy I work with says 'WOW. You must have gotten up super early this morning!'. I said 'why?' and he said 'because didn't it take forever to get all your hair straight?'. :lol: He was confused when I told him it actually took me less time than my normal curliness. :P
    This was the same guy that was horrified when I put out the idea of cutting it. :lol:
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