loving phytodefrisant

So this PJ has been cured. It's been 2 month now and I've only been using 2 styling products the entire time!!

Phytodefrisant has made all the difference in the world! I use that on soaking hair with JoiWhip over it and great hair days every time :)
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    I REALLY need to get a hold of this JoiWhip stuff.

    So the two work really well together? That sounds great. I've got 2 big tubes of phytodefrisant and I haven't been sure what to do with them, because I never figured out quite how to use it. It makes my hair sooooo silky, I love that.

    Wow! Congratulations!
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    Grrrrr! More expensive stuff to put on my wish list. :evil:
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    what's phytodefrisant?
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    2C-3A??? Currently using Curly Q Milkshake, 3-minute Aussie Miracle, using non-sulphate shampoos, MopTop Pomade, Boots curl creme, always looking for that next miracle product for my hair! My PJ is never satisfied.