Damaged hair at front!

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me, please! I have this area of shorter seemingly damaged hair at the front of my head. I don't pull my hair back tight or handle it roughly, but I do wear it 'back' off my face a lot. But I just lightly pin the hair. The rest of my hair is in ok-good condition. This bit won't really grow and it's getting on my nerves as it sort of ruins the look of my hair and feels dry. Does anyone know of any really good conditioning treatments that might revive it? I've honestly wondered whether to shave the front area down to a few millimetres and wear a head band for a few months...? How long would it take to grow back if I applied a treatment everyday? Don't really want to have an all over buzzcut as I don't have the guts and not sure it would suit me. I've had the hair at my nape buzzed before and it did help to rejuvenate that area, so maybe I should just do it and suck it up! I've had the side shave thing too - but shaving the front is different! Or was thinking about getting a short bob and strictly wearing hair down for a few months (no strain on it) to see if that helps. Any thoughts welcome! Thanks.