Second Day Hair

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I am new to the CG method and am still trying to figure out second and third day hair. Some weeks are awesome, others not so much. Current routine is to co-wash with Suave green apple conditioner, then condtion with a Regis conditioner (cone free) that I rinse out. I squeeze out excess water with a tshirt then rake in Cantu shea curl cream and LA Looks Sports Gel and scrunch away. I air dry over night and fluff my roots in the a.m. and go.

I am trying different techniques for second day hair like a homemade mixed spray gel in a squirt bottle, etc.. and have not found the right go to method yet.

What is your no fail second day hair routine?

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Air Dry overnight


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    On Sunday and Wednesday nights, after shampooing and conditioning, I towel dry my hair lightly and apply Redken Leave-in Butter Treat. Cover with a shower cap, and finish my shower. When I get out, if I don't have time to air dry, I put it in a wet sock bun on the top of my head and cover with a silk cap. In the morning when I unravvel, it's damp, but I just flip my head over and ruffle at the roots. It'll dry throughout the day. At night, I just flip my head over again and lazily stuff it all into a silk cap. I can usually get three days outta this if I spritz all over with water in the morning.

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    I have a hard time getting second day hair because I end up with alot of frizz when I try to rewet it and the curls just never look the same as the first day. The closest I have come to getting great second day hair is when I use Devacurl mist-er right spray. I am just not crazy about the scent of that though but it works pretty well. I have heard some people have luck with just plain lavender spray too!