Products and baby hairs?? MISERABLE with hair

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I've been doing CG since about October and I have seen almost NO results. My hair is frizzy, sometimes soft sometimes dry. Right now I'm using LUSH big solid conditioner, LUSH R&B, garnier silicone free gel and Loreal sulfate and silicone free smoother shampoo.

My hair is sooooo flat at the roots and my curls only curl at the bottom or the bottom layers. To make matters worse the top layer of my hair refuses to curl at at all and just frizzes. I also have an absurd amount of baby hairs suddenly. What is going on?! I have botticelli curls or type 2c/3b.

Please give me some advice, I've tried a 100 products and I'm miserable with my hair!
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    Argon oil will help with the frizzies. The night before wash day, I pre poo with a penetrating oil & coat my hair with olive oil & sleep with a plastic cap on my head. When I wash, I use the modified cg method in a hot shower. I use my conditioner to detangle my hair & continue my shower. Rinse conditioner out. Then I do a deep condition, leave in then seal my ends & hair again with olive oil. But you can use argon oil since you have frizzies.
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    It would help a lot to know your hair properties: low to high porosity, fine to thick strands, low to high density. That helps us all pin down what your hair is like and you can get better recommendations from people with similar hair. The Newbie forum has sticky threads with this info.

    The main thing that will help your hair is balancing moisture (through deep conditioning, co-washing, etc.) with protein (through styling products, protein treatments, etc.). Some people's hair hates protein. Most people benefit from figuring out the balance for their own hair. Frizzy hair can happen at either end of the balance - too much moisture, or too much protein, or just not enough of either. Again, knowing more about your hair's properties will help people help you.

    Just a note, from one who has experienced it: those baby hairs might be new growth, which is a good sign. I freaked out when I saw mine, but up close they have tapered tips, which means new growth instead of breakage.

    I like argan oil on my hair ends, but my hair hates most heavier oils like olive oil... My hair is low porosity. So if your hair was also low porosity, we could be on the right track. But if your hair is high porosity, what works for me probably wouldn't work for you.
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    I second bosanbo - do you know your hair's properties? A good place to start is Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

    Once you figure out your properties, it will be easier to figure out what your hair likes and doesn't like. For example, my hair is fine and normal porosity. It also doesn't like a lot of oils or any heavy oils, since it will get weighed down very easily. It also needs a ton of protein or it will get frizzy and limp. The Lush R&B you are using is incredible oil heavy. That would be a disaster for my hair!! I don't see any protein in the products you are using. Almost all hair needs protein every once in a while, otherwise it will become overconditioned. Some hair types are sensitive to protein, so again, figuring out your properties will help with this! :)

    Also, I'm not sure which Loreal shampoo you are using, but I know some Loreal shampoos have polyquats in them. Polyquats cause buildup for some similar to the way that silicones do. If I use a product with a polyquat, in about a day or two my hair will look weighed down, heavy, and limp.

    If I were you, I would figure out my hair's properties and look into what types of products are recommended for similar hair. I would also consider clarifying with a sulfate shampoo (that is free of silicones & polyquats) and avoiding polyquats to see if that makes a difference. Polyquat is short for the ingredients that start with "polyquaternium-" and end in a number.
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    This has all been very helpful but I'm sill a bit confused because it doesn't actually seem like I'm doing anything wrong? I have high porosity, coarse hair and high density? Do I need more proteins?
    Fine, 2c-3a, high porosity, high density, bleached ends.

    Hair hates glycerin
  • robynmprobynmp Registered Users Posts: 75
    And I don't think it's my shampoo because it tends to make my hair feel lighter
    Fine, 2c-3a, high porosity, high density, bleached ends.

    Hair hates glycerin

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