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Hi! I'm transitioning from a curly perm to my natural state. I've not been natural since I was a little girl. Then it was just a tad wavy. I've had this current perm for a little over a year. I was wondering if there was anything I could do or use to get my perm out naturally? I really don't want to do the big chop if i can help it. Thanks for any help! Amy


  • claudine19claudine19 Registered Users Posts: 4,486
    Just let it grow.

    You can encourage your natural wave with products and diffusing.

    For product advice, see the Type 2 board.

    Good luck!
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  • curldiva012curldiva012 Registered Users Posts: 55
    I was told there's not way around cutting the perm out. You don't have to big chop. You can just let it grow out. After 11 months, most of what's left of the perm is on the sides of my head. Now I'm trying to retain as much length as possible. My hair is responding well to the modified cg method thus far. So give the method a try.

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