What's my hair type??

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Hello all! I'm trying to figure out/confirm what my hair type is. It's still pretty short (between 6 and 61/2 in in Feb 012) but I'm just trying to get an idea of what to look forward to and what products could work when I do begin to wear my hair out. As of now I wearing a full sew in and have been since the 2nd week of February. Here are some picture of my hair 100% dry. It was washed and conditioned after removing my last sew in. I did use either Kinky Curly leave in cond or Mixed Chicks leave in cond (I can't remember which one), but no other curl defining or styling product was used, I wanted to capture my hair in it most natural state. I can tell you when water saturates my hair it curls up just like in these pictures, the only thing the leave in conditions did was help control frizz, which my hair became more prone to the more I touched my curls. I can also tell you my side edges (near my ears and temples) are probably in the 4 category, they have a less defined curl pattern. All of my hair has a soft cottony feel, those edges are slightly more cottony/soft than the rest of my hair.

Thanks for the help in advance!


Side view (edges)

(Front, close up)


(Top, close up)

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    I would say 4a
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    2nd. :)
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    are you transitioning? use heat? i ask because i'm seeing straight ends, it's near impossible to tell curl type with straight ends because they way down curls stretching them out like a telephone cord. If I absolutely had to gues i would guess 3c.
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    are you transitioning? use heat? i ask because i'm seeing straight ends, it's near impossible to tell curl type with straight ends because they way down curls stretching them out like a telephone cord. If I absolutely had to gues i would guess 3c.

    To answer you question, no I am no longer transitioning. I BC in October of 2012. Someone asked the same question about my straight ends in another thread. The short answer is they are just straight, those strands naturally do not curl to the end. These pictures are from Feb. I will get to see if that is still the case in May when I redo the current sewin I'm wearing now. The long answer is:

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    Do you apply heat to your hair?

    Hi RizosMio, I apologize for the novel in advance :geek:

    The only type of heat I have used has been in between sewins. I have done hot oil treatments and deep conditioned under a hooded dryer with a plastic cap and I believe I have used a handheld blow dryer with the diffuser maybe 2-3 times since my big chop, mainly to try out styling products on my curls before they would go back into a sewin for a few months. Other than that no. I don't plan on flat ironing my natural hair at all when I do wear it out, or at least night while my goal is getting and retaining length. Before I decided to go natural I can tell you I have never in my life had an issue with heat damage or breakage (other than after getting color with one stylist followed by horrible drying Mizani products, my hair had to be cut in drastic layers).

    When I did flat iron my relaxed hair I only used Kera Care's Cream Press, I love it and pretty much everything they make! If I ever do flat iron my natural hair that is what I will use as well, unless my hair says no. I prefer it because it actually coats & melts into your your hair as apposed to spray "Protectants" that sit on your hair. But for the most part I usually flat ironed my hair for the week after I washed conditioned and deep conditioned, so moisture was locked into my hair to begin with. At night I would wrap my hair. I never liked bone straight, flat, thin looking flat ironed relaxed hair (which is usually how it looked after my salon relaxer) so I was never obsessed with heat to that extent.

    I always hated how stylists killed the body my hair had after blow drying when they flat ironed, going over a piece 3-4 times after I just had a relaxer!! I would go straight home rewash, condition, add either Dudley's Fantastic Body Texturizing Setting Lotion or Dudley's Styling Foam Setting Lotion to my wet hair for body and then comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb & a hand held blow dryer on low-med heat. My hair would be nice and thick and big, but manageable because of the relaxer.

    Then I would flat iron in somewhat med-sized sections (don't like bone straight hair remember) and used the KC Press Cream mainly to just give my strands a smooth look and to give the ends a slight curl under. Sometimes I would throw a couple spiral curls in just for effect.

    Be Careful with the Cream Press you can use too much of the product and get heavy hair but if you use the right amount on each section at a time the results are amazing and it lasts a long time. I would always get compliments, people would always wonder where I got my hair done lol!

    Rub it into your hands like lotion and coat on both sides of your hair, on top and underneath, wherever the flat iron plates will touch.

    KeraCare Creme Press, Cream Press - Avlon Hair Care

    Dudley's Fantastic Body Texturizing Setting Lotion - Dudley's Q

    Dudley's Styling Foam Setting Lotion - Dudley's Q

    I did own this flat iron (in Pink 1") until I gave it away (because I bought a new one) but it worked great.

    Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron 1 |

    Now I own this one (in Purple) in 1"
    Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4") plus free heat proof pouch |

    They are both wonderful. My nitpick about flat irons is the ones that snag your hair in the corner edges, to where you literally see stands of your hair in the edge of the flat iron :rambo:

    Neither of the 2 above do this. The last salon I went to they used a ceramic one that did, nearly drove me up a wall. I did originally own a Sedu that did do that, not too long after Sedu came out with one that no longer did :cheers: but I'd already moved on to Solia. I also have a cute mini Solia flat iron I believe it's like 1/2" I got it as a gift when I purchased a regular sized one, and it works great. I have used it to add spirals and to just curl my bangs when I didn't want to heat up the mother. All in all they are all great and they all heat up super quick, like 1 minute tops they are ready, even if you are not yet!

    My original & first flat iron ( I still own it)
    Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2") with free heat proof pouch |

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    I don't use heat but if I ever get the desire to I'll consider the two you recommended above. Your comment actually speaks to me, as right before starting my transition I noticed a chunk of short, broken hair (like 3inch long) and the culprit was indeed my iron and its corner edges which snagged on my hair. I was so upset when I saw a ton of strands hanging on there!

    Anyway I asked because your pattern disrupts in certain areas, close to your ends. It looks like the heat might've affected certain areas a little so do be careful, good thing you're not doing so anymore! You have a lovely pattern, take care of it curlfriend ;) Gorgeous eyes by the way!

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Yes I use to cringe at the salon hearing my hair snag on the flat iron :pale:

    Hmmm, not sure about the pattern disrupt. Actually after my BC I went straight into a sew in where I added hair in the back and the front was cornrowed and once I took that out I asked my stylist why my ends were straight and wondered if she left some relaxed hair when she chopped but she said no and the way she cut it there was no way she could have. So I'm not sure if that is actual damage or just stepchild ends to go with my stepchild edges lol. Once I take this sew in out (in about 6 weeks) I'll have my ends trimmed for the first time since my BC and then I'll have a clearer picture of my hair's personality. I'll probably do my 2nd trim 6 months later. I plan to wear a sewin for about a year to get some good length.
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