Fragrance-Free product for Co Wash?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the website and forums. I have 2c hair, or at least I think it's 2c. I've been using Aveda Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner for such a long time now and my poor hair is just limp and awful.

I've decided that I want to really take care of my hair and I'd like to try co washing.

Trouble is, I'm extremely sensitive to any and all beauty/cosmetic products, especially those of the scented variety. I have to bend over so that my head is upside down in the shower to wash my hair because if the product touches my skin, I break out in a very itchy and ugly rash.

Does anyone know a natural or fragrance-free conditioner that is suitable for co washing and is readily available in stores in Canada. If I really must, I'll order online but I'd prefer to just go to a store (Walmart, Shoppers Drugmart, Lawton's, Dominion, Sobeys, Sally Beauty, Sears, Costco, anywhere in NL, Canada).

Price isn't a huge issue but who doesn't love to save money? If you know of a cheaper version I'd appreciate that as well.

Please help me out,
Thanks! :wave:


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    Have you tried the Nature's Gate line? I'm in the U.S. so I don't know if they are easy to find in Canada. I am very sensitive to synthetic fragrances (both having them on my skin and breathing them) and those products have not ever bothered me. They list "pthalate free fragrance" in their ingredients, so I don't know if that's going to cause a reaction for you or not.
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    If your hair likes protein, Cure Care is fragrance and dye free, and available at Sally's in either 20 oz or 1 gallon sizes. If it turns out your hair dislikes it, it makes a nice body lotion or after sun moisturizer (no stickiness like aloe gel).
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