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Hello, I'm Marie..
Okay so I've been avidly lurking this forum for the past several days now and many questions have arisen and a lot of them have been answered as I've learned more about curly hair and how complex it can be to take care of it.
I've been transitioning for...I can't even remember how long now. I never intended on transitioning but I just stopped getting my hair relaxed (I was never big on getting my hair relaxed, my mom just always did them about twice a year) and now I've got half a head of natural hair and half a head of relaxed hair. And tbh, I'm really excited about having curly hair and can't wait until it grows out more so I can cut all of the damaged parts off.
But while I was unknowingly transitioning, I didn't really take excellent care of my hair. I only shampooed it like once every 3 weeks, but I didn't keep it moisturized. I usually inStyled it once every two weeks and then I would wrap it every night and keep a satin scarf on it and put it in a bun for the day.
My main question is, I know that there is probably some heat damage from the inStyler on my natural hair, but I'm not sure about some sort of residual damage from the relaxer.
If the natural hair is damaged by the relaxer, on average, how much does this effect my curl pattern? Will my curls be less curly and more wavy? I'm starting the CG method soon so I'm just wondering how curly my curls will be..
(This is really just a general question of how much curl does natural hair lose if it's relaxed?)

I'm sorry if none of this makes sense, I have trouble with conveying my thoughts clearly...


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    There are many rumors as to how your natural hair will groq back but I am living proof that it's possible that it will return in full blast. Before I ever relaxed my hair, I was a 3c and now that I started transitioning, I can slowly see those 3c curls trying to grow in. My hair was damaged from relaxers and flat irons but it is slowly returning back to it's original state. Just try styles that don't involve constant styling, mosturize everyday, be patient and have faith and your hair will surprise u in the months to come :-)

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    I flat ironed & blew out on high heat twice a month for 11 months after my last perm. I still have a curl pattern (3c). I mini chopped last Thursday. The main culprit of the damage to my hair are the highlights in my hair. The color has split my ends. But I am proof that heat won't do much damage to your hair if properly taken care of. I want to explore what else my hair can do. (Curly)
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    Make sure you deep condition as well.

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