Second day hair - shower humidity helps my curls

So i slept on my waves/curls last night and they got straighter. I went into the bathroom this morning, closed the door, turned the shower on as hot as it could be, and hung out in there for about five minutes. My hair curled right up. Roots were flatter than yesterday, but I guess you can't have it all lol. Put some smoothing creme on after for frizz and out to church I went.
Anyone else find the steam from a shower helps their hair?
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    It helps mine. My hair loves humidity. I can rarely get good second day hair, but the times it has worked best I've done a light spray of water into my layers, then hopped into a steamy shower. A gentle scrunch with a moisturizing product (I'm currently using a sample of Botanical Spirits Shea Moisture Cream) helps me after that.
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    After sleeping on wet hair I find the combination of shower humidity and dry shampoo revitalise my curls :)
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