Second Day Hairstyles!

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What are good hairstyles to do with second or third day hair that are super easy.:happy8:


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    Ponytail, bun, side braid, french braid.
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    Half up half down
    Spritz your hair with water for another day of wearing it down

    I like to part my hair down the middle and take one side of my hair and bobby pin it all over to the other side. So that one side of your head is extra poofy and curly, and the other side is pulled over? Kinda weird to explain. It looks kinda rebellious. Lol.
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    I used to struggle so much with my second day hair (still do sometimes! Silly hair!) but I've got some easy and quick ones figured out! Goody Spin Pins are MAGICAL for easy buns with less bobby pins. Curly hair is also awesome for easy messy buns. French braids, fishtails, loose gathers... I also just wrote a blog post about a really easy way to do a quick, messy bun type look, here: :)
    Hope that helped!
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    I can't wait until my hair all fits into a bun/ponytail again. Grow hair, grow! Right now everything but the sides fit lol. This is how I used to wear my second day hair ... now my second day hair is either headbands/bobby pins or I just start all over!

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