Cant have curly hair

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I have straight hair and i am trying to curl it for 2 years. I have tried many shampoos and conditioners but it cant work. I have found this online shop, can you recommend me some of this products, if you have try it that will make my straight hair finally curly. /home/leaving?" class="Popup


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    If your hair has been naturally curly or wavy in the past, or has a bit of natural wave, then you might be able to bring that out by caring for it according to the methods described on this site, you'll find lots of advice here.

    If your hair is completely straight though, the only way you will get any wave or curl is to use styling techniques that will only last till the next wash. Curling tongs are one way but I don't know much about them, they cause heat damage so you might be better off using something like curlformers (again don't know much about them but you could google).

    I think that going with your hair's natural texture is usually the easiest and least damaging way forward, so I would think about trying only occasionaly for curls. But good luck with whichever method you choose, just take care re heat damage.
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