UK curlies. . . or anyone!

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Are you familiar with Sophie Madeleine? I am in love with her voice and music. She sings covers songs that I have loved for years and her versions just blow me away. When she sings all the harmonious parts and plays all the instruments - I am awe-struck.

We went on youtube today and played her 30 days/30 songs thingie while we were doing some housework this morning. This evening, my 6 year old son is walking around singing "Goody, goody" and "9 - 5".

He wants a kazoo and his 15 year old sister wants a ukulele. S has unbelievable musical talent and has never picked up and instrument she couldn't teach herself to play, so yes, I am seriously considering getting her one! Will start comparative shopping soon!!!

And her video for her song "you are by far my favorite" just makes me happy!!!!!

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