Wash an go's?

ShelbyreginaaaShelbyreginaaa Registered Users Posts: 21
Hey curlies:)
I having trouble finding a wash n go method where my curls can stay defined and not to shrunken up while getting all matted together!
Write your wash n go routine below to give me some ideas!:)


  • coracora Registered Users Posts: 456
    Hi, here are some suggestions if you want defined and stretched wash and go's (I'm not going to include my method 'cause mine are neither defined nor stretched). You probably are going to need to put product on smaller sections of hair to get lots of definition. To help with shrinkage, you might want to try defusing your hair. I hope those tips help.
  • tabbysuetabbysue Registered Users Posts: 122
    Hey there!

    I keep my hair short (see avatar pic) so this is what i do: I shampoo, condition (detangle with conditioner) then rinse. In shower, with hair wet, I use 5 pumps of Aveda Be Curly style-prep on each if the 3 sides of my hair (right, left, back). I where my hair parted in the and after I have applied the Be Curly to my hair, I take the small silver duckbill clips and clip down my hair on both sides along my part. Then I take a microfiber towel and wrap it around my head. I keep the towel on while I get dressed. I then remove the towel and bend down and shake out my hair with the clips still in. Keeping the clips in prevents my hair from frizzing along my part. I I then gently take the clips out and then gently shake again. By now, my hair is defined, slightly damp and almost dry plus frizz-free, no residue.

    Keep in mind use a leave-in only when I style so I'm not sure how this would work with a gel or any other type of product.
    Shampoo: TJ Tea Tree Tingle (only to remove buildup)
    Co-wash/Detangler: Suave Naturals Conditioner
    Leave-in/Styler: Uncle Funky's Curly Magic
    2nd day refresher: Uncle Funky's Thirsty Curls
    Routine: Wash and Go
    Porosity: Normal-High
    Texture: Fine/Thin and Kinky
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    I pineapple my hair at night and that stretches it some sometimes if I put it in a loose pony tail while its wet till its like 50-60 percent dry that stretches it also


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