New here-- And can't figure out what KIND of product to use.

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Hi all, I'm new here. My sister has been following the CurlyGirl method for years and years and referred me to this site. Over the years my hair went from straight, to like a barely 1a, and now, I think I'm 2bish. When I'm not blowdrying or flat ironing my hair straight, I have NO clue how to handle my hair. My hair is also very fine, which is strange, cause it didn't used to be. Oh, and I also have highlighted/color treated hair. It's in good condition, just super dry.

1. I've tried scrunching in gel, but it's just made my hair crunchy/look like ramen. Usually still have frizz.

2. I've tried a curl spray, since I thought it would make my hair soft but keep my curls defined. They were defined, but HOLY FRIZZ. That's actually what I used on my hair today when my sister finally had enough and said, "We gotta do something about that."

3. I've tried mousse, and my hair felt disgusting. I can't really describe, and my curls felt matted down. Then again, I could have used too much. I never know how much to use.

-- I've also heard of using beach spray (like the one Bumble and Bumble makes), but I'm paranoid it would be super drying on my highlighted hair, and I'm also not sure how to use it.

4. I've tried using a diffuser and it didn't do much for me.

5. I've tried just air drying, and while the waves look nice when they do what they want, still sooooooooooo much frizz.

So, as you can see, frizz is a major problem in my life. It's usually why I flat iron so much. It bugs me.

My sister told me if I use gel, she says I have to scrunch the crunch out of my hair. But I don't really know how to do that without adding more frizz.

For the record, I do my scrunching with either just my fingers with product, or with a towel. Now that I've browsed around, it sounds like microfiber towels are key for a wavy/curly.

So does anyone have any tips? :)

Oh, and here's some pictures:


This one was taken a few weeks ago when I used that curl spray (it's John Frieda Dream Perfecting Curls). I'm using this especially because it shows what my hair looks like at a different angle.


This is my hair when all I do is put in a light leave in conditioner, run a brush through, and air dry. I'm finding I actually think it doesn't look that bad.


And this is today, when I used that same curl spray and scrunched with a towel. I'm realizing maybe I get more frizz the more I mess with it and scrunch it.

Should I just be letting it do its thing after a shower and not touch it at all?? Thanks guys for reading this novel of a post. :wave:


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    Have u tried a curl cream and serum? I have fine hair so I always got for a curl cream that feels like a conditioner. (No mousse, gel etc.)

    I cream as soon as I get out the shower. Wrap hair in a towel. When its not soaking I put serum in and let it air dry a little. THEN try twisting sections around your fingers to create spirals. DON'T TOUCH YOUR HAIR! Until almost dry - then I diffuse for a few minutes (medium heat, low power and don't move it around). This gives me very soft spirals/ waves.

    If I want big curls I use a gel and add it instead of serum. Do the same as above and when it's dry I scrunch out the crunch with my hands....

    Hope this helps!

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    Put the towel down. Towels cause frizz. Use either a 100% cotton tshirt or a flour sack towel (found with the kitchen towels at most walmart type stores) if you need to blot your hair dry. I really don't even bother with it anymore. Frizz also often occurs when you need more moisture in your hair.

    A few people I know had a lot of luck using Regis Olive Oil conditioner (the regular conditioner, not the leave in). It's green, but it really works well at preventing frizz. I can't use it because of the wheat in it, but I really wish I could try it out. I guess the olive oil in it moisturizes and then seals the hair to help with frizz. It couldn't hurt to try it out. When you're in the shower and you've got conditioner in your hair, scrunch it a bit so it makes a squishy kind of noise. It seems to help get the conditioner into the hair better.

    You may need to try a combination of products. In the spring and summer, I tend to rake in 2 pumps of curl keeper, 2 pumps of AG Re:coil cream, and top it off with a palmful of As I Am Curling Jelly. Then I comb it through my hair with a wide tooth comb so it's evenly distributed, then I form clumps, and then scrunch once or twice.

    Once products are applied, I pixie diffuse until about 85% dry. When my hair was longer, I would do this while bent upside down. However, I cut my hair chin length recently and that doesn't work anymore. So now I lean my head to the sides and pixie diffuse that way. Basically, all pixie diffusing is is just diffusing your hair in sections, scrunched all the way up to the scalp and holding your diffuser there until the gel sets or your hair is as dry as you want it. With your diffuser turned off, scrunch your hair up in the diffuser bowl up to your head, then turn the heat on. When done with that section, turn the diffuser off, hold it there a couple of sections, then gently lower the diffuser away from your head. Move on to the next section. I'm not going to lie. I spend a good half hour diffusing my hair.

    I air dry the rest of the way while I put on make up, get dressed, feed the dogs etc. Then I SOTC gently. I don't necessarily scrunch my crunch out. I tend to take sections of hair and gently squeeze it to break up the gel cast so it isn't crunchy anymore.

    Hope this helps.
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    If you hair is fine, you may also want to play around with some protein-containing products. This will be doubly helpful if your hair is damaged. For me, the key to (mostly) controlling my frizz is carefully toggling my protein/moisture balance
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