HELP! I don't know what to do!

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Hi all,

I don't know what's going on with my hair lately. About three months ago, I went back home, and my mom (I'm bi-racial, my mom is asian) convinced me to flat iron my hair to get it trimmed. Okay, so, I BCed in January of last year, and I'd only flat ironed twice before, so I thought my hair would be okay for it, and it was - everything turned out fine and dandy, hair was silky smooth, flowy, we'd used a heat protectant; I got my hair trimmed to get out the split ends, and then, all hell broke out.

Literally two days after my trim, I noticed more split ends. I'd already washed out the flat ironing, because my heat protectant had been a silicone, and my hair HATES silicones, seriously. So my mom flat ironed again (don't worry, we used the heat protectant again) and we trimmed AGAIN.

Fast forward to now - my hair had been fine two weeks ago. Now, suddenly, there are splits EVERYWHERE, my hair refuses to take in a lick of moisture the second I step out of a shower, and its become so hard and crunchy it makes me want to cry. I haven't changed my hair routine, it's just that, suddenly, my hair has changed on me.

I don't know what to do! I'm 3C/4A, with fine/medium/coarse(maybe that's just fried, I'm not sure) hair, and I think low porosity, because my hair will not sink in the cup no matter how long I leave it there. My hair has just been acting up like a delinquent juvenile, and I just want it to be soft and touchable and lovely again.

I really don't want to cut it all off. I've finally grown it back to just before BC length! :(

Any suggestions?
Current Challenge; Water Only washing
Time In; About 2 days (went to the pool, had to wash)
Current Feeling; Concern about hair falling out
Current Hair Status; Soft in my 3B parts, okay in 3C, still kinky for 4a


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    Oh am sorry , maybe it's the cones build up or maybe the water..when I travel sometimes the water drys out my hair..hmm maybe u should consult a professional. But for now try the hot oil treatments with avocado and banana and acv rinse dunno if it will work for u but it works for my low porosity fine hair.
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    This is what I would do...rinse it with 1 tablespoon backing soda and one cup of hot water leave it in for about two minutes then rinse well with cold water. This gets the silicones out of your hair Then use a SILICONE FREE conditioner. Parabens and sulfates are bad too. Now throw out anything with those three ingredients...if an ingredient ends in -cone it's a silicon. Silicones act as barriers so they seal the cuticle but at the same time lock out moisture. So DO NOT use things with them in them. One line that is silicone and sulfate and paraben free is far I've had a log of success with them. Also Loreal ever sleek sulfate free smoothing system reparative line is silicone sulfate and paraben free I included a pic of the shampoo because they have many lines that look similar but that's the one to use. Oh and don't get your hair cut when it's should go to a curly hair salon where they cut your hair dry and curly. Because they don't know how your curls sit when their straight so they might mess it up. It sounds like I have similar hair to you so I hope I help!! ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1364684268.943935.jpg
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    I'm actually really curious, because I've noticed the 'silicone, sulfate, paraben' free campaign in hair products lately, but what exactly is a paraben? What makes them 'bad' for hair?
    Current Challenge; Water Only washing
    Time In; About 2 days (went to the pool, had to wash)
    Current Feeling; Concern about hair falling out
    Current Hair Status; Soft in my 3B parts, okay in 3C, still kinky for 4a
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    LOL You don't need to go throwing out anything and everything with sulfate (or "cones") in it. Take a deep breath. Your hair will likely bounce back to normal since it hasn't been flat-ironed often and you used a heat protecting agent.

    You probably still have cones in your hair, based on your descrip. of what's happening and it may take a couple more shampoos to get it all out. Yes, I said shampoo. Shampoo is harsh if you use it all the time, but if you use it once in a while it does miraculous things like remove excess buildup from hair and something like good old baby shampoo contains cocamidoprophyl betaine, which takes care of "cone" buildup.
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    Hey the heat might be giving you split ends it does that to my hair but I only notice it days later otherwise it's silky smooth the first day. Also parabens are bad cos that's what they find in the breast tissue of breast cancer sufferers and they are said to also be hormone disrupting.

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    Korkscrew what you're saying is that mild sulfates are ok to use & still be a cg?
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    Hey Curldiva. I think the whole "CG" thing - whose title is problematic in that there are many legit "curly girl" routines out there besides the one co-opted by Lorraine Massey - can get a little overly-militant and even self-defeating. To explain:

    Massey says that being "CG" means avoiding products w/sulfates and "cones". But the problem isn't with the use of either of these chemicals. The problem is from the over-use of either of these chemicals, and the possible under-use of sulfates, in many cases. There are a lot of posters here who will tell you they need strong detergents like sulfates either routinely or occasionally, or their hair just gets too oily, dirty or over-conditioned. Others can only use sulfates infrequently.

    The over-conditioning thing happened to me and it wasn't pretty. It was harmless though; only required a good old fashioned shampoo, followed by conditioner.

    "Cones" can be tolerated by plenty of people, but because they build up in the hair (and sometimes, fast), it can take a shampoo with something like cocamidopropyl betaine or cocobetaine to get rid of the build up. If it builds up too quickly, it will mean a need for frequent shampoos, which can dry out the hair for many people.