4b/4c low porosity

BrittanykdBrittanykd Registered Users Posts: 7
Hello my fellow curly girls. I have 4b/4c hair and it is starting to break off badly its dry hard and just plain rough. It hasnt always been this way it was once soft and manageable. I did the test to check porosity and all of my strands float they dont sink at all please help i need advice and some moisture.


  • yellayella Registered Users Posts: 15
    ok, im having the same problems. . my hair is dry & its starting to break off in areas. . how do i check mu porosity??

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    BrittanyKd and Yella,

    How often do you do a DC treatment on your hair? Do you prepoo?

    I have low porosity strands too and do a DC every two weeks. I used to do one every week, but once I got my moisture levels stable, I was able to go to every two weeks with the DC. Also, I lowpoo weekly (I can't cowash, it causes too much build up on my scalp and my hair strands eventually too) and I make sure I prepoo every week without fail. Finally, I DC and prepoo using indirect heat (i.e. heat cap) because this opens up my hair cuticles and allows the moisture and oils to get inside.

    These are things that I have done that have made a tremendous difference for me with regard to combatting chronically dry tresses.
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    What is your hair care and styling regimen (techniques, products, tools, hair styles, etc)?

  • BrittanykdBrittanykd Registered Users Posts: 7
    Thanks so much for the tips and feed back. I'm currently washing my hair with shea moisture organic raw she butter moisture retention shampoo every week, and using cantu shea butter as a leave in. I also use the wild growth hair oil once a week. It feels nice for a while but after a few hours it feels brittle again. What is a good inexpensive steam cap to get?

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