Unable to find sulphate-free shampoos

i live in zambia and finding products that are good for my hair in my country is extremely hard if not impossible.
i have tried to look for a sulphate free shampoo but haven't managed to find one.
what alternatives can i use? or are there shampoos with sulphate you can recommend for me?:sad6:


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    Maybe you can order some online? Curlmart has lots of good ones as well as many other beauty supply store websites. I spend alot of time searching products on here that other people have tried and I have found alot of homemade recipes that seem to work for others. Some people just use baking soda and Apple cider vinegar on their hair. I have yet to try this but I think I will eventually research how others are doing it and then try it myself. Hope someone else chimes in here with more ideas for you!
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    if you can't find any sulfate-free shampoos, what you can do is what lorraine massey talks about in her first 'the curly girl' book --
    -- do not wash your hair every day, try every other day or even 2x/week,
    -- water down the shampoo,
    --and you can coat the hair with conditioner and only shampoo the scalp mostly.

    see if that helps!

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    I have read of some people adding oils to shampoos to make them less harsh. I haven't tried it myself, but it is something you can look into. also ships internationally. Here is their page on international orders: - International Shipping

    And I have seen coupon codes floating around for that site sometimes too.
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