3b curl keratin help asap!!

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hi! i'm new to the forum but have gleaned great advice in the past. thanks ladies!

i love my curls! i have 3b type. not course but not super fine either. i'm mixed (black and white) they're long, thick and fall in just the way i like. yes, my hair frizzes and is super thick and can be a pain...but i'm grateful for them.

i've had to wear my hair straight for work recently and i kinda fell in love with it. I've been getting my hair blown out. i can't keep doing it because it's drying it out and i've heard can break down my hair so it loses it's curly memory.

a friend suggested keratin so that i can blow it out myself and protect it from too much heat. her stylist is going to do the global keratin on me this friday. the non formaldehyde version.

i'm scared! i DO NOT want to lose my curl. i understand that for the next few months it's going to loosen my curl, but that's ok temporarily because i'm only doing it so i can wear it straight for the next few months. and then go back to being curly.

is this an accurate assessment and use of keratin? how can i wear my hair straight without bi-weekly blow outs and flat irons?



  • Tippers94Tippers94 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi, I'm new to this website but I have the same type of hair as you and we're both mixed. I have not done a full keratin treatment on my hair but I have used the whole Suave Keratin infused line and it'll definitely loosen your curls. However, being as though your hair is naturally curly nothing can ever really permanently straighten your hair.
    But with the keratin treatment your curls will definitely turn to waves and it'll be easier to get it straight. Make sure you use a heat protectant and wrap your hair at night with pins and a silk scarf. If you want it really straight you could flat iron your edges because those tend to curl up but other than that you should straighten your hair once a week.
    & when you can do deep condition and before you blow dry put something on your ends specifically to keep them healthy.
    Good luck
  • cococurlitacococurlita Posts: 2Registered Users
    thank you!

    by straighten once a week, you mean blow dry it myself right?
    the whole point is so I can get it nice and straight on my own without having to pay for it every two weeks.


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