How to fix the curls??

I often find myself in the situation where I am at work and want/need to pull my hair back into a ponytail or bun for work but then later I want to go out and wear my hair down. When I take it out of the ponytail, the top is all 'straight' and the ends are super curly and it just looks funny. Does anyone have any tips on how to refresh your hair without showering?

I have tried spraying it with a water bottle, but then it ends up frizzy, so I put more product in, and then it gets crunchy. I've heard of some sprays that should work, but I didn't know if anyone has had any prior experience with any of these things?

I attached a couple of pictures of my hair for reference. Also, if anyone has an opinion on haircolor for me, let me know...I can't decide if I should keep my hair blonde or go dark again. :)



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    My only suggestion is: Don't drive and take a picture of yourself!!! :D

    Hehe, one thing that has only ever worked for me is to re-wet the hair completely, kind of. I just cup water in my hands and rake them through my hair, especially where the ponytail was, then I crunch. I wouldn't add more product because that's just overkill. Most of the time the end result isn't great, but it's something. Ponytail hair is reaaally hard to get rid of. Ugh.

    Another thing I do too is put it in a half-up do. That way you can manage to hide the ponytail bump, have curl in the bottom, and sleek hair on top. Though that looks silly sometimes too. Depends on how it looks on the individual though, i think.

    Also, I think blonde looks good on you :) If you leave it the way it is you won't damage your hair by colouring too much!
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    Have you thought about putting your hair up with a hair fork? No annoying bump in the back when you let it down.

    sorry monkey_ I disagree , I think darker hair would look great on you, will make your gorgeous eyes really stand out.
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    If only there was an answer for this! I truly don't believe there is other than a complete re-wetting. You have really pretty hair. I think it would look good dark or light, but I think the blond suits you. But I would add that if your hair is fine, protein may help you some. I find my hair behaves more when I add sufficient protein. HTH.
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