What did you do with your sulfate and 'cone products when you went CG?

Hi ladies!
I started the CG method a few days ago. Tonight I sorted my products into CG friendly and CG unfriendly. Some of the friendlies have water soluble cones and/or different types of polyquats, but I guess over time I'll see how those affect my hair and how to handle them.
Regarding the CG unfriendly products, I bought a lot of new products a few months ago and I am so sad they are ALL not CG friendly!!! They were not cheap! I am holding onto them for a few months to make sure the CG method agrees with my hair. If I find it works for me, I don't know what to do with all those unCG products. I know I can keep some shampoos in case I get build up and need to cleanse with sulfate shampoo (i do know about bs/acv method as well), but what should I do with the rest of the unusable products? I'm such a product junkie and I HATE throwing products out/wasting money.
What have you done with your nonCG products? Have you thrown them away? Given them to friends/family? Donated them somewhere? Held onto them "just in case"?
I would love to hear your stories. Perhaps I just need a kick in the arse to get rid of them. :confused:
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    Every one of my old products had silicones. I tossed some of them, but gave the expensive ones to my mom who is, and always will be, a curly girl in deep denial.
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    i gave all my stuff away to my friends or family
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    I'm sure a lot of women staying at a shelter would greatly appreciate them, or any person staying at any kind of shelter for that matter.

    Another thought, maybe you could return the really expensive ones for a store credit without a receipt?

    Also, some people find that conditioners with silicone in them make great shaving gels!
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    Same here. I gave away to family, friends, and coworkers.

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    I wish all y'all gave them to ME!!! Broke junkie here!! :p
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    Maybe you can post them in the swap section of this forum. I'm sure there are some people there who aren't using the CG method who would love to trade with you!
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