Miss jessie's and eco styler for sale

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Hey Curlfriends

So I just realized that my 2 favorite stylers are not the best for my 3C low porosity hair I realize that flax seed gel and Karens body beautiful sweet ambrosia leave in conditioner work best for me so I wanted to pass on these barely used products in the hopes that they can work for someone else

For Swap
Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme 16 oz 2 of them with 90% left
As well as
Eco Styler Gel Pink 2 8oz 1,brand new
2,70% left
Interested In swapping any Karens body beautiful products because my hair loves the 3 products that I have already tried.I am doing a castor oil challenge so I would love Jamaican black castor oil
If you are Interested in swapping with me pease Pm me and it leave a coment below



  • Mz.BerrieMz.Berrie Posts: 20Registered Users
    For swap not sale
  • iiinsanityiiinsanity Posts: 1Registered Users
    so there is no way you're willing to sell any of these?
  • Mz.BerrieMz.Berrie Posts: 20Registered Users
    yes I'm willing to sell them