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DT v. ACV for weird hair?

So I need some advice on a deep treatment v. ACV rinse, or the order I should do them!

My hair is fine, 3a with a medium/low porosity on the top, but a lot of color treatment damage at the bottom. I also strictly follow CG, though if a clarifying wash is needed I’ll do it.

I normally don’t have much of a problem with the bottom – it curls just fine, maybe even more tightly than usual (more of a 18th century ringlet than my normal bouncy spirals) and the clumps have been much smaller, but I don't know if that's from the color damage or just because it's growing out and I'm at an awkward stage.

But this morning I woke up and my hair is sooooo dry on the bottom, very crunchy and coarse and…squeaky? Completely new experience for me, I have no idea what caused it. I’m normally prone to overconditioning at the drop of a hat, so fluffy, shapeless baby chick hair I’m used to, but squeaky-dry coarse hair is not a normal problem for me. I only used my regular stuff this week (CO and LI with Suave Aloe and Waterlily, styled with Tigi mousse, and topped with a mix of BRHG and AOMM - maybe a little heavy on the AOMM, but my first day hair yesterday was amazing, just a little hard to SOTC).

I also go to school in the Midwest (we’re having very cold windy days with snow and I have to walk to and from my building to my car) and we also have very hard water, which is a constant problem for me. I’ve been trying not to overdo ACV rinses and have only done one this month (I spent spring break at home in NY where our water is pretty soft).

So my plan was to do a deep treatment and get some moisture into my hair, but I think I might potentially have some hard water or product buildup that needs to be taken care of, too. I don’t know which one, or both?!

So first question: DT or ACV rinse? Or both?

Second question: If both, should I put the DT on tonight, sleep with it, and then rinse out tomorrow with ACV? My hair loves ACV rinses and I’ve never had a bad experience with one, even using them pretty close together. But will doing an ACV counteract the DT? Or will it help me get the last of the gunk out? Or should I do the ACV rinse and then the DT?

Thanks for all the help, guys!

Hair type: Fine, fairly porous, shoulder length when curly. Probably a 3a or 3b with tight ringlets now that it's getting longer. Hair loves aloe, hates glycerin.

Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily (my HG conditioner!)
Rinse Out: Garnier Sleek and Shine, Trevor Sorbie curl conditioner (UK only, unfortunately)
Stylers: KCCC, AG Re:coil, TIGI mousse, but open to suggestions!
Gels: BRHG (my one and only)

CG since 03/28/09

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