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So my cousin's pcp finally signs the forms and puts it in the mail. She had gone in in Dec to discuss disability with her pcp, which the pcp has no prob putting her on. In January she emails pcp office saying that since unemployment has been extended, she's not ready to claim herself as disabled and is working on getting herself back in the employment game. They responded no problem, let us know if you need our help.

She was claiming unemployment and actively looking and applying for work until earlier this month when she could go no more. She filled out her portion of the state disability form saying she became disabled 3/3/13 and for the claim to start 3/20/13. She included a note saying as much for her pcp. Comes to find out her pcp put the disability start date as 12/17/12, which I assume is because that's when she last actually saw her pcp with her issue.

In reading the brochure, you need to file your claim within 49 days from the date you became disabled or you may lose benefits. Well, wth?? I assume they will go by the doc's date rather than hers? I would think she actually looks good by having tried to keep looking for work as part of her unemployment requirements before finally coming to a halt?

Anyone know if this is really a problem?

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