A Question for the Henna Heads

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I hennaed for the second time this weekend and I've noticed some curl loosening (the first time was in January with no curl change). Is this a permanent change or will my hair bounce back eventually after a few washes? Can I do an amla treatment and get my curl pattern back (3c/4a)? Thanks for any insight.


  • KankydudeKankydude Posts: 50Registered Users
    Have you checked the Henna thread here? There's a good bit of info and experience to draw from there. What I've gathered is that Henna binds to the hair, and as more applications are done, it's like another layer so to speak on top of the previous ones that create the curl loosening. It looks like it's going to be there as long as there's henna on the hair and will continue with every additional application. Amla is supposed to help enhance a curl so it could very well help bring it back.

    Also and and have a good bit of info and may can help you further.

    Hope this helps!
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    For what it's worth, I always do 50:50 Henna/Amla treatments, and I have never noticed any curl loosening, however, this might just be because curl loosening doesn't happen for everyone. I have a much tighter curl pattern than what you've described. It may be worth trying an amla treatment though, and seeing if it makes a difference.
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