Thinning hair: me hair products?

artsygraceartsygrace Posts: 1Registered Users
Hello everybody I have an important question about my hair.
Let me start by saying I have 3A hair type that is thin and dry at times.
Recently I started using Jessicurl conditioner and cleanser after never using a sulfate free shampoo/conditioner. I have done my research and was told that shampoo (cleansing) your hair everyday is bad for it.
So I started using this system, my hair feels great HOWEVER my already thin hair has been falling out in the shower (more than normal).
I do not believe it is the products fault but maybe how often or vigorously I have been cleansing.
Do you have any suggestions, ideas, or solutions to my thinning hair? And if it is my cleansing how often should I be cleansing it?

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