Mom with curly girls needs help

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Hi, I am new here. Wasn't sure where else to find help. I have two girls -- my oldest will be four in June and has long curly brown hair. My youngest will be two next month and has short curly red hair.

I have nearly board straight hair...requires very little maintenance, and so I have no idea how to best care for my girls' hair. I remember a conversation I had with a woman many years ago about her curly hair. I was astounded that she only had to wash her hair once a week...I have to wash mine every day or it looks like an oil slick. So just based on that conversation, my husband and I only shampoo the girls' hair once a week, but we condition it every night.

So I'm really starting from zero. Not sure how often to shampoo, IF I should shampoo, special shampoo/conditioners, what to put in their hair when I style it for the day to keep frizz out...I really would not like to use heavy products that make their hair crunchy...they're just little girls. Currently I use a leave-in curly silkening spray, comb with a wide-tooth comb, and sometimes use argon oil to keep from frizzing. I know I am probably way off the mark.

Help! I'm in foreign territory!! :)


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    Welcome, MomToCurlyGirls! There is a ton of helpful info for you on these boards. These links may help you:
    Parents of curlies - CurlTalk
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    Just wanted to say, as one of those kids who got their hair combed until their eyes watered, that you are one super-cool Mom for learning about your curly girls! :bounce:
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    That's so great u want to learn to care for their hair! :-)

    Exactly how curly is their hair?? There's so many different curl patterns.

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    Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey has an entire section on caring for curly kids and babies! This sight will help you out a ton and I recommend watching youtube videos- they've helped me a lot.
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    Curly-haired girls need a detangler! I use the apple-scented one from Suave Kids on myself! It should be applied and combed through while the hair is still damp so that their curls can spring back into place before it dries. Brushing curly hair when dry just makes it look really messy!
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