Detangling Struggle

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I am 8 months into my transition, I've got 2-2 1/2 inches of natural hair and my biggest struggle is DETANGLING.

Here is my current wash day process (done once/week):

-Pre-poo with olive oil/cheap conditioner mix (set 1 hr)
-Wash with moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo in sections
-Deep condition (set 1 hr under dryer)
-Rinse out deep conditioner
-Detangle in 6-8 sections with LOADS of cheap conditioner first by finger detangling, then by using a wide tooth comb and a denman D31 brush.
-Braid hair into 6-8 braids while hair air dries

I seem to lose more and more hair with every wash day. I detangle carefully and still manage to lose lots of hair. Even after I'm done, it's virtually impossible to get rid of ALL of the tangles. I've got matting, too many knots to count, and I'm losing patience. I don't think I'm going to have much hair left in 2-3 months.

Should I do the big chop to make this process manageable? Is tangling better or worse once you're fully natural? Or is there some way to transition without losing all of my hair?


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    Well, here is my cueent regimine, I have really long hair, so some of the things I do (like the ponytail holders for example) may not be necessary...

    the day before I intend to wash my hair, I do the following.........

    ( first step is done after splitting hair into sections)

    1. Apply pure coconut oil, another oil ( currently using Moroccan Argan oil) and my conditioner to one section. ( I use coconut oil b/c it drastically reduced my shedding hair.)

    2. Detangle section with wide toothed comb and put in bantu knot. Do this on all sections.

    3. Put on cap. ( or as my boyfrind calls it, my lunch lady hat) and sit under dryer for about 20 minutes on medium heat.

    4. go to bed and sleep with stuff still in hair, still wearing the cap of course.

    5. the next day, i take each section and lightly spritz my hair with distilled water and the tangle. when I am done with that section I braid it up loosely and secure the ends with a ponytail holder. Since my hair is braided, it won't get a chance to get all tangled up in the shower.

    6. get in the shower and winse out the pre poo.

    7. Shampoo the roots only.

    8. Condition and rebraid, then rinse.

    9. Let my hair air-dry a good bit, and spray with protein. (I use the Chi protein The protein will also help the shedding issue, but the coconut oil is what gave me an immediate result.) Apply my leave in conditioners and sealer and style as usual.

    Hope this helped some.

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    I don't think the problem is so much how you're handling your hair (since you mentioned finger detangling and using a wide tooth comb) but what you're putting in it. From personal experience, my hair is the hardest to detangle if its dry in any way so I've resorted to handling/styling it only while wet. With all that being said, I'd suggest the following things:

    1. Wash your hair with conditioner
    I know, I know. I tried telling a few family members with the same problem to do the same thing. But ever since I gave up my favorite shampoo for a good conditioner my hair has NEVER been the same. Your tresses will still get clean and you'll be putting moisture back into your hair instead of washing it out. I use V05 conditioner (costs about 2 bucks at Walmart) and Tresemme Naturals silicone free conditioner as a leave in.
    2. Put your hair in whatever protective style you want after you've conditioner washed, finger detangled your hair in the shower, and applied your Leave-In. I suggest twists or corn rows - something that your hair can air dry in which is the BEST way to dry your hair.
    3. If you feel the need to soak up any of the water use an old tshirt or microfiber towel. I know this step can seem insignificant but I only suggest it since cotton towels raise the hair follicle and cause frizz.
    4. And, of course, wrap your hair up at night.

    Just follow those steps for 1 month and see if you find any difference in the manageability of your hair. You can wash your hair as often as you like when handling your hair this way because all you're doing is pampering it with moisture. And keep in mind that as long as you have permed ends you still might experience some shedding - I wish there was a way around it but it comes with the territory.

    Let me know if it works out for you :)
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    Not everyone can do the no shampoo thing especially people like me who get itchy scalp. However, I think with tangles prevention is the best strategy. changing the method I use to shampoo has made a big difference. No shampoo commericial method for me because I realized that shampoo make my hair more prone to tangling. I only agitate gently at the scalp with my fingertips. Also I smooth the shampoo down my hair. I try to disturb my hair as little as possible when I'm shampooing.
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  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    I'm currently using a sulfate free shampoo that has a conditioner & detangler in it. My hair & I love it. It really keeps down the tangles & makes my hair really soft. It's by nice & curly. It smells really yummy.

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