Help: Mixed girl looking for styling products

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Hi everybody!
I am a mixed/biracial teen STILL looking for the right product for my daily hair routine (and really a hairstyle too) but I would prefer to find the products first. I am mainly looking for styling products BUT hair is a chemistry project so I am sure the right shampoo and conditioner would eventually help with my daily styling too.

Here are the initiatives I have taken:
I have some weird dandruff issue (from my white father) that requires medicine. Because of that, I am learning to wash my hair once a week but again I am still learning to do this. Should I be washing more, he washes his hair daily, sometimes twice a day…
I have trolled Youtube and this website to No avail. I concede, however, maybe I’m missing something.

Background of products I’ve used:
Here is the list of products I have used and their reactions with my hair. Hopefully this will give you an idea of where I need to go with hair products.

Please note: I would prefer to avoid alcohol and proteins
Herbal Essences’ Hello Hydration ConditionerH: Made my hair VERY WAVY and BIG ie. Tampered my curls
Ampro Pro Styl Clear Ice Protein Styling Gel: left flakes and left hair very hard
Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner: left residue; exacerbated dandruff issue; good hold though
Treseme bouncy curl defining gel: sooo many flakes; no hold
Eco styler gel olive oil – very difficult to wash out my hair; I do like it though, it offers great hold and seldom flakes.
Shea moister curly enhancing smoothie: RESIDUE CITY, ruins my curl pattern, and IT MAKES MY FACE OILY
Jane carter smooth and shine: makes my face oily; kind of disturbs my curl pattern
Glop and glam orange creamsicle leave in conditioners and detangler: detanglers but kind of dries hair
Glop and glam watermelon gel medium hold: flakly, VERY HARD HOLD
Coconut suave conditioner: its alright, it does what it’s supposed to do
Mixed chicks conditioner: EXCELLENT

Perspectives on my hair:
I would describe my hair as most like a 3B –it is very similar to Bernadette Peters (funny/ironic because I am Italian )
It can be dry at times
It IS NOT COURSE; I have "fine hair" but LOTS OF IT. So like each curl lock has many many many strands of hair.
I have lots of it
I hate to bring race into a hair topic BUT I want to give as much perspective on my hair as possible in hopes that someone can help me. I'm just a kid so please don't be mean or offended by what I say....
Now, if someone where objectively looking at my hair and couldn't see my face, they would most likely think, based solely on my hair, that I was a dark haired Jewish girl who had lots hair OR an Indian (from India) girl. In reality, many Jewish women think I am Jewish and think my hair is LOVELY. I have recently been receiving complements and suggestions from Indian women as well…apparently they have my hair too…
Lastly, the back of my hair, near the neck, tends to bunch up to half its length.
When my hair is wet, the length is down to my belly button

Other good notes:
Price is NOT an issue.
I would like to buy the product in a hair store BUT if the product is not available anywhere in store, I can purchase online.

THANK YOU FOR READING ALL THIS! I would really appreciate some tips on shampoo, conditioners, and stylers. I prefer no alchohol and protein BUT its ok if it will help my hair.


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    Sounds like you have the EXACT same hair as me, and I can't find anything that works for my hair either (UK stores don't seem to stock anything people talk about on here >_< )
    I'm sorry i cant suggest anything, but imma keep watching this thread for ideas :)
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    I c u have a problem with flakes, do you oil your scalp? By oiling your scalp and massaging it you can keep it moisturized {lessen the flakes} any oil will do and the only way to decide how much to use is trial and error I have normal/coarse, low porosity hair and I can use 8 drops per section 2 times a week. if you wash your hair more often, then you need a shampoo with less sulfates. Any shampoo that says moisturizing, sulfate free, or low sulfate will suffice. As far as products, I use creme of nature argan oil products. They have a website, try looking and see what products u could use.
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    I've heard that after using the DEVAcurl products for a while they can get rid of dandruff...I personally like it although I don't have scalp problems
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    You sound like a good canadate for Kinky Curly Knot Today and the Curling Custard.

    I wouldn't suggest DevaCurl products since they are ladden with proteins.

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    I have a mix of 3b/3c and I use Redken Leave-in Butter Treat on towel dried hair after washing and conditioning. If I don't have time for it to air dry, I put it in a wet sock bun because my hair won't lose its tight curl (you might wanna experiment though :P ) and sleep in a satin cap. When I unravel it in the morning it's still damp but all you gotta do is fluff it at the roots kinda and let it dry throughout the day. It's like...$12 or $15 I think and I find it in the salons at WalMart lol It's super moisturizing.
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