2b wavy hair styling help?

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I'm new, 2b wavy hair. I've just gone sulfate free, been using Loreal Evercurl system for about a week and i really like it so far. I'm using the shampoo and conditioner and the Sculpt and Hold Cream Gel. i think my hair has gotten better already, the wave are much prettier. I used to use a difffuser but it acually makees me hair frizzy and poofy. I've started to let it air dry and it starts off super wavy and pretty and by the time its completly dry, a lot of it has gone straight or with a tiny wave to it! I've tried less conditiner, less gel, more gel, and nothing helps. (Note: it did this before i went sulfate free as well) any tips? My hair is also really long, about halfwway down my back


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    What are your hair properties? My hair is fine and I need LOTS of protein.

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    Well I'm a 2B also so I have a couple of thoughts because I've had similar problems in the past with my hair going straight as it dried. Turns out the problem, for me, was gel! I think gel is just too heavy for my weaker waves, even though my hair is quite thick. I've since changed to mousse, and it works much, much better because it defines and pumps up my waves, without weighing them down and straightening them out. My HG mousse is Condition 3 in 1 mousse....cheap, alcohol free, CG and effective! I can find it at Walgreens or online easily. Other great brands, although more pricey, are NoodleHead Mousse and Suave Captivating Curls (although Suave is not CG....has a cone).

    Second, are you putting your products on soaking wet hair? That helped me a lot....and use a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel to blot out the water.

    And third, perhaps your hair length is pulling out the wave? I recently cut 6 inches off my hair and it's now at the bottom of my neck, and it gave my waves tons of new bounce and body. (Check out my avater pic).

    Since making these changes my 2B hair has transformed and I have more good hair days than bad, for the first time. Hope this helps!
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    My hair is type 2c. I have been using Evercurl for a few days and I must say I don't think it's for me. It smells great, but the shampoo has an awful lot of foam for it to be sulfate free. The conditioner left my hair kind of dry and I don't like the way my hair feels when I use the gel. I think I'm going to try dark and Lovely au naturale

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