3b and confused..

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Hello everyone,

My friend has become a CG and her hair looks amazing so I just started. My hair is so dry and coarse and crunchy now. I noticed a lot of coarse curlies talk about a sealant? What is that. If I were to use a coconut oil, what part of the routine would that be? I have bought and returned several products already, I am a goof who keeps missing the silicone and proteins I want to avoid in the ingredients lists. Any advice would be great, for softening my hair. I prefer to use a drugstore/sallys. Not much of an online shopper.

3A/3B, coarse, low porosity, high density, iii I believe (?), low to normal elasticity.

CoWash/LI: VO5 Ocean Breeze/Shea Moisture
Style:IOkra Gel/KCCC
Plop 10 min / air dry

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