Is there a way to go blonde completely NATURALLY?

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I'm a natural blonde and as I got older, my hair turned light brown. It appears darker in different lightings but when I stand out in the sun, the color is a very light brown. So close to blonde. I'm wanting to go blonde again (I've done it before) and I just thought about the fact that maybe there's a natural way to do it without using bleach or peroxide. It's so close to blonde I would think it could be easily done. I know lemon juice damages hair but at least it's not a chemical being put on your hair. Maybe just a tiny bit out in the sun? Any tips? Also, what color would it turn it? Like what shade of blonde? I want it to look very natural and not white or yellow (like sometimes bleach does to hair). Also, I've heard that brunettes who use lemon juice get orangeish steaks. Is that only if they have dark brown hair, not light brown?

I read this and it may not be true because it sounds ridiculous but on this website, it talked about how a little sun is good to the hair but too much harms the hair. It said how the sun's rays transform themselves into toxins which get in the way of the roots' action. And also that too much sun speeds up the negative action of free radicals on the hair follicle tissues. And that those free radicals attack the collagen, stiffen it, and can lock the roots into a strangehold. I mean....I have never heard of this in my life. Is this very rare or something? Has anyone else heard of it? I'd rather be safe though.

Thanks so much!


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    Honey has the ability to lighten hair.. But i think everything that bleaches the hair does damage it.