Help tweak my routine, please?

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I've been CG for about 3 weeks now after always wearing my hair straightened. I started simple (and cheap!) and it's definitely working. My "curl" pattern is so much better - went from very weak 2A to a much more defined 2B/C, with -a few random spirals, too- but my routine isn't quite there yet. I need more moisture and would like to try a curl enhancer to see if I can get an even better curl pattern going.

2B/C, fine, normal
Current routine-
CO wash - VO5 (shea cashmere, vanilla),
lo-poo - Giovanni TTTT once every 7-10 days
RO - Tresemme naturals
LI - Giovanni DLI (small amount)
styling - Giovanni LA natural styling gel (quarter to grape sized)
Plop in old t-shirt 10 mins
add a little more gel and air dry

I have much improved curls but my hair is a little dull looking, feels a bit dry and the curls get a bit limp as the day goes on.

Would love suggestions on other products to try - esp. a more moisturizing conditioner and something to better enhance the curl. I chose the ones I'm using because they were cheap, easy to find locally and the fragrances weren't too bad (so many of the products I sniffed had AFWUL strong fragrances!).
Thanks for any help!