Curly hair solutions suggestions please!

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I have a promotion code for free shipping ("Parent13" if anyone is interested in ordering from them) this month and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions( other than the Curl keeper because I already have that) for any other of their products that are a MUST have. I was looking at the roller clips and Tweek but if there is anything that has worked amazingly on your hair and think its worth the try, can you tell me what you would recommend and why? Thanks!

Also, I have long 3a, high porosity, fine curls if that helps at all in making recommendations.


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    Besides Curl Keeper, I really liked the Pure Silk Protein for a good protein boost (it didn't have a lot of slip for me, if that's a big factor for you). My other favorite is one that is not CG, but I've had amazing results with it (I actually got several other fine-haired ladies hooked on it also). I absolutely love Treatment Shampoo for occasional use (especially right before I do a protein treatment). Yes, it's a sulfate shampoo, but it has lots of protein and I've found that it leaves my hair feeling softer and less stripped than most of the low-poos that I've tried. I've found it to be so gentle that I was able to use it daily for a week straight without any dryness (I was just curious).
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    I don't mind using sulfates. I use a sulfate shampoo about once every 2 weeks to clarify so I think Im going to go ahead and get the treatment shampoo, the roller clamps, and the silk protein. I still don't know if protein is good or bad on my hair and I use Devacurl products with no problem so Im going to see how the silk protein works out. Thanks so much!