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I just found out that a coworker's husband got to "grant" a Make-A-Wish wish! He is a chef that owns a restaurant and a local 12 year old's wish was to bake a many layered chocolate cake with a chef to be served in the restaurant.

So he did it. He said they had so much fun! The part that made me cry was that the night before, he baked a surprise cake that he gave to the little girl to take home with her since her cake was going to be served to his customers.

He is a rock star to me.


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    That is such a sweet story!
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    That is so cool! If I had the opportunity to fulfill a kid's wish like that, I absolutely would!!
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    Well, thanks for making me cry at work! How precious!

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    That is amazing!

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    Awesome!!! Really puts things in perspective. Thanks for sharing!
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    Great story.
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    Thats great. I love nice people stories, random acts of kindness and such. A lot of people don't stop and take the time to care about others.

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    Poodlehead wrote:
    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
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    That's so nice. And what a simple wish, that's nice to hear too.
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    That was very sweet of him.
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    That's so Cool!
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    Starmie wrote: »
    That's so nice. And what a simple wish, that's nice to hear too.

    Yes, I normally hear about kids wanting to go to go to amusement parks and things like that and that's fine too. This one just seemed really special to me. It makes makes me bawl: she has terminal cancer but she wanted to be a pastry chef in a restaurant when she grew up. That's why she wanted the cake she made to be served in the restaurant.

    He said they had so much fun; that she was such a happy, fun kid. His wife says she "knows" he's an awesome guy but then when he told her what he'd done with the surprise cake, she just asked him, "Who ARE you?" She said she was blown away, touched and very proud. I told her she deserves to be proud.
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    Rock star, for sure!

    I saw an episode of The Cake Boss, where he did something similiar, but honestly, I'd think it would be better, without the cameras mucking it up.

    A couple years ago, our school decided to grand a wish, with some of the funds raised at our annual jog-a-thon. It went to a little girl who wanted to see the snow, (we are in SoCal, so no snow here) so she got a trip to the mountains. She came to watch the jog-a-thon in action, so our students got to meet her and her family. Such a great experience for all. (and the best news, she is still doing well, and loved her trip to the snow)
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