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Just wanted to share something that happened today that really touched me.

I went with my sister (who has straight hair) to her salon today. The hair stylist she goes to is a woman we have gone to since we were little children. I haven't been back in years (10ish) but when I was a child she always was willing to try and help my mother figure out what to do with my unruly 3b hair (everyone in my family has straight hair). When I got to Highschool and was determined to have that perfect sleek straight hair she helped me fight against it and worked with me until she had to refer me to another stylist for chemical straightening etc.
Well, as I said I haven't see a her in years but when she saw me today she went wild over my natural hair! She asked how I had learned to take of it (in which I noted naturallycurly.com of course ;) and listened as I told her the products I used etc. she touched it and praised how healthy it was and than encouraged me to keep doing what I was because she loved the natural curls and was so happy I stopped 'fighting' against my hair.

Anyways, maybe I'm reading more into it than what's there but it touched me that a stylist (who predominantly works with straight hair) would be so interested and encouraging (but that might simply be because I'm so use to stylists who pull out the straightener at the site of me!!). It also struck me that she was willing to admit she had no idea how my hair looked the way it did and was open to hearing how I had learned to work with it. Most of my experience with stylists has been that they are the experts and I don't know what I'm talking about (as they pull out the blow dryer or something equally horrifying).

Anyways. My good thought for today. :) warm fuzziness and all that. Anyone else have a story they want to share? I know this threat is usually for negative stuff but I can't help it I'm an optimist ;)


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    She sounds like a lovely, very genuine person. What an affirming experience. Maybe you could repost this in The Hall of Fame?
    Tresemme Naturals Radiant Care is my boring but trustworthy fallback :glasses1:
    Acid rinse (Dr Bronner's Shikakai) stripped my over-a-year-old indigo, and gave me split ends I haven't had since I gave up brushing :pukeright:
    Hair analysis done - surprisingly, I'm normal on all 3 counts :-?
    Trying to balance babying my hair with my newfound PJism. Melbourne curly, CG since 2006

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