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Hello from Austin! I have been fighting with my curly hair forever and so glad to find this curly community!
I'm still trying to figure out my hair type. I think originally I was a 3B before I started flat ironing it on a regular basis for the last few years and (unfortunately) just got it chemically straightened. The straightener hasn't really taken as I can still get my hair fairly curly if I don't blow it out straight; howver it has altered the curl to be more in the 2/3a range. I'm hoping to get it back to 3b realm through some loving care and the right kind of attention.

I have two sons of which one was blessed (or cursed according to him) with my curly hair. He fights it. Insists that it is cut super short and brushes it constantly to keep it "flat". It's tough being a boy with curly hair, I suppose.

I tried the plop method today and I think I got fairly good results. I had almost spiral like curls and to the root, which hasn't happened for a while. Unfortunately when i took the diffuser to it (ran out of time to finish off air drying), it frizzed a bit and I lost some of the spiralness.

I'm totally going to try the CG thing. I have high hopes! I am ordering the book as well.

Well, didn't mean to go so long in my introduction but just very excited to be here! And to also share with you that I officially embrace this hair of mine. I have curly hair and proud of it!

Bye for now,


  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,840Moderators Curl Virtuoso
    Welcome, fellow Austinite! We're glad to have you!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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