Lot for sale CJ, Curls, Deva, Shea Moist.

Nikki3bNikki3b Posts: 327Registered Users
Hi all,
I have a huge lot for sale. It's all the things that have not worked for my hair. Some are unopened. I would like to get rid of all of them at one time
LA Looks ( new)
Sm curl enhancing smoothie x2 ( new)
Sm raw Shea deep mask
Quidad moisture lock leave in
Deva curl heaven in hair 16 oz
CJ pattern pusha
Curls goddess curls
Deva care loo-poo
Sm hold and shine mist
CJ curl queen
Aveda brilliant pomade
Quid ad botanical boost spray
I've included Pics of how much is in each product.
100$ for all including shipping OBO


  • KinkyKhamiKinkyKhami Posts: 62Registered Users
    Are you only selling a ONE whole lot or can I pick and choose what I want?

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