Dancing with the Stars

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So...let's talk amongst ourselves :)
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    Dancing with the star zombies?



    Sydrified Sports and Entertainment: Beat it, Dancing Zombie!
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    I felt like I watched a completely different Andy Dick performance than the judges.

    This could be an interesting season. I look forward to seeing how Val does with someone who can really dance, since he hasn't necessarily had the most talented dancer other seasons....
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    I thought Andy Dick was better than the judges thought. Found Wynona more entertaining than I thought she would be. Watched to see Ingo and Sean. Feel Sean's participation is limited; the judges scored him higher than I would have. Ingo wasn't quite as good as I wanted him to be. Zendaya was beautiful as was Dorothy. Hope Victor is around for a while; what a likable guy. Again another entertaining football player in Jacoby. Actually all in all I was more entertained by this group than I thought I would be.
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    There are a couple news releases on the internet today pretty much calling the judges bullies. I tend to agree. These people come on this show, yes, to be judged, but to be judged as amateurs, not professionals. I thought their comments to DL were cruel, and their scores for Andy didn't really reflect how good his dance actually was. I remember I almost stopped watching the season Bruno was downright mean to Michael Bolton. I do think the judges have to learn to criticize in a more constructive, not demeaning, way.
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    I only caught Wynonna and Andy Dick. I was flipping channels because I don't think we'll watch this year because ugh, TWO HOURS?! I can't take it. :lol:

    That being said, now I want to watch just to see how Andy Dick does. I fully expected him to come out and not do well at all based on the stuff they showed before his dance, but I actually did a mini quiet-clap after his dance because I thought he did SO well. The judges...I wanted to slap. Seriously, y'all?? He was so messed up for so long it's good to see him sober.

    Am I the only one who thought Brooke's question to him was so inappropriate? I know he talked about it in his pre-dance footage, but hello? He just danced and did well, now (or really any time during an after dance interview) isn't the time to ask such a question. Especially when they give the dancers all of 4 seconds in those after dance interviews. I've always disliked her for some reason on this show, she seems so awkward and I get uncomfortable for her every time she is on.

    Hmmm, for only watching 10 minutes I really had a lot to say. :lol:


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    it seems like we're all in agreement here. I was pleasantly surprised at how well both Andy and Wynonna did. The judges were out of line, and Brooke even more so. I wanted to give DL a hug after his dance and the judges comments. He did look stiff and unsure of himself, but he also smiled and had a really good attitude. Of course, he used jokes to shrug it off. I'm guessing he'll get more votes than the housewife with the dog? I don't know her at all.

    Kellie, Ali, Zendaya were all great. I can't help but love Dorothy. The boxer and football player moved well.
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    Speckla wrote: »

    Did you say zombies?


    And...a really bad video of them dancing while I was sick that day...:(


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