Found CHS roller jaw dupes on ebay (I think)

screamingclockscreamingclock Posts: 7Registered Users
I ordered from ebay seller prohairdressingsupplies (from the UK) these clips Large Clamps Clips for Heated Roller Hair Pack of 6 | eBay
With shipping I got 18 clips (3 sets) for under $20 and they came in gray, blue, white and black.
The clip spring is less tight than the clips I am used to but they really work great! I can do my whole head with 8 clips, but bought extra to save on shipping, and I figure that when one breaks I will have back ups.
I know some people have found them locally in the US, but the only beauty supply store I go to is Sallys and they don't have anything close to these.
I wanted to order from CHS, but the shipping is pretty high for these clips ordering from there.
ETA: took just under 3 weeks to arrive from England


  • Marci PieMarci Pie Posts: 622Registered Users
    Thanks for the info. I have been wanting these. I bought some clips from Sally's and I am not happy with the results and regular octopus clips are 4-6 dollars each.
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