The Best Approach to CG for me?

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Hey all! I'm not exactly new to this forum. Joined a few years back and posted regularly until I quit the CG method. I forgot my username LOL and now its time to give the CG method a running go again! I've been straightening for 2+ years and now my hair has had it. I've never been so unhappy with my hair in my life. LOL. So here goes..

Okay. I like literally started today. Clarified with V05 Kiwi shampoo, and conditioned with GVP CB. Scrunched in a little extra as a leave in, and used Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly mousse as style. Its all I had because I threw most of my stylers away.

Styling isn't a biggie for me because my hair always goes up into a elastic for work. Just get's ruined anyway. :( I don't know of a good way to put it up, because with all the extra moisture around I get a fuzzy halo!! I always wash my hair after work, sleep on it, and then it goes up until I get home and wash it again.

My biggest issue is that I HAVE to co-wash/rinse out EVERYDAY because of my job. My hair gets nasty as I am a dog bather and LOTS of hair gets in my curls and nothing will get it out except for rinsing. Plus I feel like using the high velocity dryer is drying out my hair, just being around it! Is it okay for me to co-wash every day?? What should I be using?

I'm thinking a good place for me to start would be with a DT, but can anyone recommend one that does not have protein, as that is a no-no for my curls!

Anywho, any advice would be great, whether it be product recs or even tips how to pull my hair back.
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    I have very fine hair and I'm an archaeologist, so I have this problem in the field - how to protect my hair without breaking it! Have you tried getting a nice, soft headband so you can wear your hair in a looser bun and use the headband to cover the crown/hairline? That will keep some of the dog hair/water/hot air off of it...

    Also, since your hair is already up in a bun, why not use some treatment on it to keep it more protected? You could get away with a heavier product because your hair is "put away." My hair likes coconut oil, and more than once I've finger-raked some through my hair before putting it up for a bike ride. I've done the coconut oil/headband method under my field hat, as well, to keep the hat-band from wrecking my baby fine hairs. I also use aloe gel to calm flyaways, not sure if your hair likes that, but it makes mine super-soft.
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