Callng all Naturalistas--I'm a 4a chica and I need HELP!!!

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So I'm 16 and I went ahead and did the big chop last summer, which I consider pretty brave for me because I always feared cutting my hair that short. Since I've cut it I've been wearing braids, weaves, twists, all kinds of protective styles. This summer I want to finally wear my hair out. It's very thick, pretty coily/curly, low-porosity (I think), and VERY prone to frizz. A lot of products seem to either sit on my hair or my hair just soaks it up and continues to be dry. I've bought a lot a popular products like kinky curly and Shea moisture and they have pretty much no effect on my hair. Even gels don't do anything. I'm young and poor as job's turkey and it is frustrating not being sure what to buy, I don't have money just lying around to spend on expensive crap. This is where I need help. Can anyone refer me to a good leave-in (that is light and creamy as that consistency works best for my hair) for curl definition and moisture? Also, any tips on blowdrying using the tension method? I need a healthy way to blowdry my hair straight. Thank you.


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    Hi from a fellow naturalista! I have looser curls than you (2C/3A) but also have dense, low porosity hair. Have you tried using coconut oil? My hair dislikes most oils, but it loves coconut. I use it as a DT once per week, and I use it (in a VERY small amount) to tame flyaways. I feel like it is far lighter and less greasy than most other oils. It's also pretty affordable if you make a beeline for the grocery store instead of buying marked-up coconut oil at a beauty store. Just regular ol' coconut oil will do. I get mine at Trader Joe's.

    A slightly more expensive one to try is argan oil. Again, it's one of the few oils that doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my hair. I use about 3 drops when I want to oil up my ends or tame flyaways, so a little goes a long way.

    Hope you find some help on here! And congrats on wearing your hair out and natural, that's awesome.
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    Im going to second that on the Coconut oil. I absolutely love it as a pre-shampoo/ Deep treatment. I have 3a hair that has alot of damage from years of highlighting and using a flat iron so Im still trying to get my healthy hair back. I use the coconut oil on dry hair. My hair is bra strap length so I use enough to cover all of the strands (about a tablespoon will do it). Then I leave it in my hair for about an hour before washing it out. I do this about once a week and it has helped me so much with dryness.
    If your hair doesnt react well to coconut (which is common) you can try many other natural oils that many curlies on this site use until you find one that works for you. Jojoba oil is another great one that is light and good for sealing moisture in. Also Grapessed oil, Almond oil, Apricol oil and of course, Olive oil.
    Give yourself time to find what works for you and searching through here for people with similar hair properties can be a huge help.
    One last thing, when I first started on my CG journey, I bought all the expensive curl brands like Devacurl and Curl Junkie...but now, I have found lots of great cheap products (and home made products!) that work just as well or better. So don't worry, with so many options out there, you are sure to find something within your budget that will work great for you! Good luck!

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