"There are STILL relaxers out there!" SO TIRED of this mentality!

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Kay...Im watching this Fashion Queen show with Lawrence and Derek from the Real House Wives Of Atlanta....did yall hear what they said about natural hair? Like really....that type of ignorance should be dead and gone. Im sure there will be response videos on youtube about it, but Lawrence said something to the effect of natural hair isn't for every body and if it's short you need to go ahead and weave it up, relax it and I mean "there ARE relaxers out there". It was blatant natural hair hate. It wasnt even partially objective or even nice....he said it with disdain. Even referencing "going to your stylist to see if it's right for you". Derek on the other hand, which surprised me, said he flat out hated natural hair and wasnt with "the movement", I believe (forgive me if these are not exact quotes....I left the room).

Look bruh bruh.....you sitttin up here with a BAD weave, BAD skin and you tryna talk to naturals about whether it's "right for us" or not? How many women come out of your hair salon with healthy, long, thick, lustrous hair? Because there is a whole community of naturals that have achieved that....WITHOUT stylists and relaxers. Let's be real....the only reason they hate natural hair is because natural hair LIBERATES you from stylists....and they can't deal. They dont know how to do a bomb twist out with just shea and water. They don't know how to get a beautiful red hair color with just henna. Or get hip length natural hair with minimal breakage. They don't know how to make 4b natural hair press silky straight with ease. If we want to....we know how to. We can wash our hair without coming to yall...and we aint worried about running from the rain.

It's not so much him but the mentality. I've found, that amongst a LOT of men gay or not, that they have this whole "Natural is not for you" attitude towards people who do the big chop and have TWAs. It's VERY discouraging because we ALL know how that can be either a liberating experience or horrible experience depending on the support we receive (when we first go natural).

I don't know I hope that show is cancelled, talk about ostracizing an entire segment of people...and on the first episode too! Everyone has different opinions, but an ignorant opinion...Im not about to waste my tv time listening to. It just bothers me, people dont want to sem "ignorant" so they dont just come out and be blatant with their natural hair hate...they cover it up by saying "Oh it's just not for you" "Oh but it's just that it's short".

Anyway, have you all seen the show and his statement? What are your thoughts?


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    Seeing as this is how they make their money (relaxers and weaves), I wouldn't expect them to say anything less.
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    Oh wow im sooooo glad I didn't see that! They are just upset that they are losing money. Well if they stepped outside their box and learned something else besides frying the crap out of your hair, maybe people would be natural and keep their stylist. That's very insulting to remark about how someone looks (that look is not for you comment) especially from someone who is half in drag all the time. Maybe someone should them know that they are men, and gay or not, its not cute to be walking around in lipstick and heels. But we would wrong for saying that because that's their choice. Just like natural hair is ours. Self hate amazes me. I can't understand how unaccepting people are. I mean really, its hair!!! If it grew out of your head this way, how could it be wrong?
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    I watched the same show last night and their comments did not upset me. In life when people see things that are outside the box they tend to show fear instead of embracing it. Besides, by not going to the stylist we as a movement are taking money out their pockets. You should not let people defy who you are. If you want rock the bomb twist, braid out, or wash and then do that. Tomorrow, if I said that all gay men should burn in the middle of time square they would have a lot to say. Just like how I embrace them because they are different then should embrace us too.
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    Lol I don't know who these people are but, I mean, that's life, unfortunately. Some people love natural hair, some don't. It was rude of him to say but if that's how he feels, too bad for him.
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