hello curly hair friends!

hello! i'm natalie (nat....natty....and sometimes natalia!) i've been visiting this site for a few weeks now.....anticipating the day i would finally have enough.......you see.......i've had dreadlocks for the past 7 years! they were getting very very heavy (a little over 2 feet long) and i knew the big "chop" was getting near.....and it's been so long since i've been in the hair "product" world for curlly hair! it seems a lot has been happening in the past 7 years!!! i've learned i'm a 3b and now i'm anxoiusly waiting for my hair to GROW!!!!! it's SO SHORT now!!!

below are two "before and after" pics!....i'm having a really hard time getting my avatar image to be the right size :?

anyway......just wanted to introduce myself! see you on the boards!



  • LadydncingLadydncing Posts: 964Registered Users
    Welcome Natalia! And Congrats on the BC!
    Wow, your hair was so long.
    Thanks for sharing your pics! You are very
    pretty. You look so cute with your short hair! :)
    3b/c CG routine
    HG line DevaCurl
    Password: Locks

  • sometimes nataliasometimes natalia Posts: 3Registered Users
    thanks maya for the nice welcome!!!
  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,840Moderators Curl Virtuoso
    We're glad to have you!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • rashellerashelle Posts: 1Registered Users
    hey der!!!. im new 2 dis n i ant got a clue wot im doin :? .lol. but i jus luked at dis grl natalies comments n i saw a pic of ya n i fink ur hair is r8 gd. is it natural n wot products do ya use coz ur hair is exactly ow i want myn. :D
    Hey deR!!!

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