New CG in need of a haircut!

Hi everyone and thank you for this community!

I found the website by chance a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve been reading and exploring. I’ve been taking notes and building my own routine. I’ve washed my hair “the old way” for the last time on 02/10/07 and took pictures to start a photo journal. Since then I’ve been looking at recipes for the hair products I will now be using. I’m shopping today for the supplies and will be rolling up my sleeves this coming weekend. I’m really excited about all of this new information.

I’ve been embracing my curls for many years now but haven’t always been successful. I’m at a point now where I need a lot of help. I suppose that’s why I found you guys! I certainly need a new routine but am also in desperate need of a haircut. I looked through the reviews but I’m actually hoping to find a Devachan ambassador in my area. Anyone knows how to find them?


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    You are beautiful!
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    re: Salons - I just got my hair cut by Teresa Callen at Textures in Menlo Park. My review here:

    CurlyQTPie has been to Madusalon in San Francisco. I don't know which stylist. Maybe you can PM her.

    There is a locator on their site but didn't work for us in the BA. So I got the number off the site for the NY salon and called. They were very nice about looking up the local deva-trained salons for me. I think there are only the 2 salons, Teresa and whoever is at Medusalon (I think they have a few).

    Textures site:

    Teresa is also featured here:

    Medusalon's site:

    HTH and welcome to the boards! Maybe we can meet up one day. I'm finding lots of Bay Area curlies on here now, maybe we can get a gathering going soon. :)
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    Thanks Gretchen!

    Thanks Curlilocks! I made an appointment at Medusalon after reading a post by CurlyQTPie. Also, I started a thread in the "Curls Gathering" forum. Please add your two cents; it should help getting the Bay Area curlies to respond.

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