Sea Buckthorn Growth

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I took some Sea Buckthorn vitamins recently that I got from Wholefoods (after also drinking a liquid supplement from SiBu), but I after about a month I started forgetting to take them. The real reason I started was due to my weak nails that grow slowly.

Recently I started having problems with a LOT of flyaways around my head- in places I don't even part my hair or brush too hard. The flyaways are all about 1-2 inches long and scattered all over the place. I sheduled a Dr. Appt to make sure something internal wasn't causing my hair to weaken and break off so suddenly (I was deployed and it's possible). Then I called my sister and prayed, thinking I had a thyroid problem...

The other day I looked closer in the mirror, and all or most of the hairs are fine, with tapered ends, like hair that just grew in. They are starting to look like they just came out of nowhere, BUT I suspect that the Seabuckthorn pills/juice had something to do with it. I also noticed some of my hair that never grows much at all is suddenly longer (the back of my neck and where my "widow's peak" is)

I also noticed that the texture of my hair is "stronger." Usually my edges aren't straight, but they don't have that much definition either. They are just fuzzy. Now there is definitely about 1-2 inches of hair that forms tight little waves. It's also shinier at the roots,

I am pretty irritated that the short, fine hairs do NOT lay down with the rest of my hair, they just kind of stand straight up. Other than that, I don't know if people are raving about this stuff yet, but I would tell anybody interested it's worth a try.

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