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Natural Hair Isle at Target

redbreredbre Posts: 29Registered Users
Hey Ladies! Hopefully this isn't a repost, but I went to my local (but not really) Target in Delray Beach and they had an entire side of an isle dedicated to "black" hair.

A few pics if you'd like to see.


More pics in the next post.


  • redbreredbre Posts: 29Registered Users

    For the As I Am lovers. That's also available at Target now. Which I think is pretty exciting. Not the entire collection, but a decent portion.


    I picked up the Camille Rose line, which is available early in most stores.


    Anyways, I think it's pretty exciting. What I didn't get a picture of was the other side of the isle. About 1/4 of that side was dedicated to silk scarves and detangling combs. The natural hair movement is clearly taking over. Lol.
  • HootenannyHootenanny Posts: 300Registered Users
    Well, there goes my next paycheck.
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    :cat: Trying out steaming! :cat:
  • MsCurl83MsCurl83 Posts: 289Registered Users
    That's great. Haven't seen Camille rose at my targets in lauderhill, Coral Springs, plantation or sunrise. Although at each one the natural hair/black hair care aisle is still short.
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    wild, free and beautiful."

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    Shoutout to FLAXSEEDS!!!! YOU ARE the MASTER on FRIZZ!!!

  • redbreredbre Posts: 29Registered Users
    MsCurl83 wrote: »
    That's great. Haven't seen Camille rose at my targets in lauderhill, Coral Springs, plantation or sunrise. Although at each one the natural hair/black hair care aisle is still short.

    This is at the Target in Delray Beach. Quite a drive but worth it when it's time to stock up.
  • redbreredbre Posts: 29Registered Users
    Hootenanny wrote: »
    Well, there goes my next paycheck.

    Lol. I spent a pretty penny that day.
  • HennyRox05HennyRox05 Posts: 28Registered Users
    The target here(York,Pa) doesn't have nowhere near as much stuff!! They just started getting Shea moisture and kinky curly products.

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  • CwmarieCwmarie Posts: 32Registered Users
    The Target across the street and the one by work suck as far as natural/relaxed hair care. I thought the one by the mall was ok until I saw these pics. It's got more brands but it now sucks too lol.
  • MekaMeka Posts: 23Registered Users
    We have the isle here in Detroit and I try and stay away. I think that isle is going to make me a product junkie. They have the brushes, satin rollers, satin caps, etc. I usually make mix my own products except for shampoo and conditioner. The products for natural hair is way too expensive. I heard a YouTuber mention they have sales online though.
    It's wonderful to see the change the revolution has brought on.
  • ProfessorPuffyProfessorPuffy Posts: 39Registered Users
    I'm definitely gonna check at my local Target here in the West Palm Beach area.

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