Itchy Scalp!!!! Help!

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So after processing my hair for 5+ years I've decided to go back to the natural way of things. Over the last few months my hair got extremely damaged and I did the big chop two weeks ago. I love my new brush cut but it itches so bad!!!!! I've soaked it in apple cider vinegar, lemon and water which helped but as soon as my hair dried I was back to square one. I deep conditioned it and now I'm using and honey, olive and castor oil mix. Its too soon to see results.

Any input anyone?

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    Did you change anything else at the same time as the cut (shampoo, styling products) or do you think it's the hair itself? My first guess would be an allergy. There's a sugar scrub people use, maybe search for that. Sorry I'm not more help, think we need more info.
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    well if your doing everything right and your using any more chemicals, i would say that its just your hair growing. ive found it happeneds to me when my hair has a bit of a growth sprout. ive also heard it from same other people, that their scalp iches when their hair is growing. its just a thought :)
    i would also try a vinegar/herb rinse. or just plain vinegar will do. all you have to do is boil same water, and add a splash of vinegar. if you want to use herbs, i swear on this, make a tea with the herbs. rosemary, peppermints, marshmallow root, sage and lavender are all great with scalp problems. you can use one or a mixture of them. strain the mixture once its cold then add the vinegar. i just add a bit, i dont measure anything out.
    then just pour it over your hair and message it in your scalp. i leave mine in though waiting 5 mins and rinsing with cold water is ok too. the smell goes away as it drys.
    HTH's :) sory bout the novel reply haha

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    You can also try coconut oil. I may be biased (my man says it's my answer to nearly everything), but it is great for skin conditions and has some anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties, too. It is very soothing to my sensitive skin/scalp.

    Chickweed herb is very good for itchy skin, if you want to try some tea on your noggin', too. It is used for eczema and other itchy conditions. Just make a tea of it (I'd err on the side of stronger tea) and let it coool, then try soaking a washcloth/flour sack in it and draping it on your head, topped with another dry towel to wrap it up. Repeat as often as you want to soak/apply the cloth.
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    Try castor oil too. It's also anti fungal. And try mixing with tea tree oil which helps to eliminate itching. Tea tree oil is really good. You may also want to detox your scalp with a mud wash. There's a Terressentials organic mud hair wash that detoxes hair and cleans scalp like no other. There is a YouTube tutorial on how to make it yourself.
    I've heard great things about Shea Moisture Black Soap shampoo too. It's available at Target for $9.99.

    And you may just want to do an oil massage. Don't scratch with your nails (altho I'm guilty of it lately, sometimes u need good scratch!) but massage with the pads of your fingers in circular motion.

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