how do you put your hair gel/mousse in?

so ive heard of many different ways that people put their hair gel/mousse in. some people put some on their fingertips and finger brush it through... others just slap it on and smooth it through the hair.. how do you put it on? and does it really affect the outcome of the curls by the way you put on the product?


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    With both gel and mousse, I think you will get clumpier curls with scrunching, and more separated curls by raking.

    I think it really is a matter of your hair type, or just your hair. My hair usually dries fairly clumpy regardless of how much I rake my fingers through (as long as it is wet when I am doing so)
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    I take a huge glob and rub it between my palms then smooth it over the length of my hair while bending over. Then I scrunch. :)
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